Top Ten Questions Asked When Purchasing Our Equipment

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When it comes to making purchases during the pandemic, most companies noticed a drop in their sales. With the uncertainty of work and how things were working out, everyone wanted to be sure they were certain about the future. 

We were working on finding people, businesses, or companies who were looking for our equipment. In the past, they would come to us, but now we were heading to them to give them all the information about the products they wanted to sell. We would tell them some of the benefits and help them realize that the products would help them get through the process.

Here are some commonly asked questions about the work we do. We are adding the information down to make it easier for our clients when they are looking for someone to send the details to.

1. Please provide a list of customers whom I can speak with that you have completed projects for?
We always suggest that the clients planning on working with us have conversations with the people who worked with us in the past. We suggest names they can speak to, but if they want to find their names, they can do that through Google reviews or the testimonial page on the website. We have a great rapport with our clients and want to make sure that the ones coming onboard know what they are getting into. We also offer them the best deals so that they are happy to work with us.

2. Do all the components and labor you offer meet local code requirements?
Yes, while there are companies who would be happy to cut corners, we make sure that the clients that we work with are happy with the outcome and that they are paying for quality. We send them all the correct requirements and documents so they are sure that they are getting the right items that they can work with.

3. Can you provide complete costing, so the project does not go over budget due to “extras”?
We provide an estimate before we start working on any of the projects. We are usually close to the ballpark, but there are times that there could be a 10% difference. Additionally, we learned about many challenges when we were getting through, like supply and delivery, which was not the best during the pandemic with states having restrictions that they had to get through.

4. Do you offer product training?
Depending on the products, we have someone from the team give our clients a demo. Some of them are a little challenging to work with, and they would need longer classes. All our products come with a manual so everyone can go through them and know how they should be working on a product. If there are any challenges they can always get in touch with us, and we would be happy to assist them through the process.

5. Do you have in-house service and offer after-sale repair service?
We do have a team that would be able to handle the repairs of the products. However, we are also connected to the clients directly, so if the changes you are looking for are a little more elaborate, or there is a major issue with the equipment, we would have to connect you to the brand, and they can send someone to get through the process.

6. Do you carry wear parts for my system?
We do not always have the parts on us, but if we are informed, we can have them ordered and bring them when they are needed. Some parts have higher chances of wear and tear, and we usually have those when we are going to check out equipment at a client's place. Additionally, most of the changes that we handle are at our client's place, and sometimes we have the equipment shipped back to the warehouse if there is a lot of work that needs to be handled. However, we would have to discuss the specifics with the client, which works on a case-by-case basis.

7. How many years have you been in the industry?
We worked in this industry for a little less than four decades and have handled various aspects of this work with ease. Having worked in the same industry for so long, we have great relationships and better understand some of the changes taking place. We also offer discounts and other changes to allow people to get through processes with ease. We handle the paperwork if they are finding it challenging to get through that.

8. Do you offer lease financing?
Yes, we are well aware that some of the equipment that we sell is priced on the higher side, which is mainly because of the quality and the type of equipment. We do offer lease financing options and are connected with various financial institutions and banks so that our clients and customers can benefit from our relationships. However, we should mention that the specifics matter, and there are terms and minimum costs that have to be covered before getting through.

9. Can we meet at your facility so I can better understand your business?
While there were rules during the pandemic about in-person meetings, we were open to clients meeting at the office to get through the process. We were not forcing anyone to come to meet us. Many people were afraid of the idea because there were chances that they could get sick. However, if any of our clients wanted to come, and they were following the required protocols, wearing their masks, and maintaining social distance, we did not have any issues and would be open to having them there.

10. How many people does your organization have to support my ongoing business?
As a company that offers as many solutions as we do, we have large teams who would be able to help with the process. While we have a large in-house team, we do have others who come in from the outside who would be able to get through the process. When needed, some of the brands that we work with send their teams to assist so we always have enough people, and none of our clients are ever waiting for our attention. 

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