Pumping Systems

Plural Component Mixing Equipment | Electronic and Mechanical Paint Proportioning Equipment

Pumps and Components Supplier in Cambridge, Ontario

Pumping, metering and dispensing of all liquid and powder coatings found within manufacturing processes.

Annadale Finishing Systems supplies pumps and components to effectively move; wet and powder coatings, solvent, sealants, adhesives, oils, lubricants…

Wet Paint kitchens consisting of high performance long life and low maintenance pumps, agitators, filters, lubricators, drum covers and elevators, heaters and surge suppression.

Pumping Equipment Cambridge

Electronic and mechanical paint proportioning systems which mix and meter your plural component coatings on demand.

Multi drop paint circulating systems.

Wet and Powder Paint storage and mix rooms, complete with ventilation or A/C as required, lighting, heaters, fire suppression and spill containment.

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