Top Five Things To Look For In A Paint Finishing Equipment And System Supplier

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A professional paint finishing equipment and system supplier provides manufacturing and processing industries with innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for your powder and fluid coatings application and fluid handling needs.

However, not all paint finishing equipment companies can design, engineer, and manufacture paint finishing equipment to suit your company’s specific needs. Therefore, as experts in the field, we at Annadale Finishing Systems have written down information that will help you understand exactly what to look for when hiring a paint finishing equipment and system supplier.

It is important that you ask your supplier for end-user references that have similar applications to yours. This way, you can confirm whether they supply the type of equipment you require. Additionally, you can also see the finished product and what you can expect your project to end up looking like.

Before thinking of buying any equipment or other supplies, ask your paint supplier about the reputation of the partners you are considering. Surface finishes not only make products look presentable and unique, but they also provide protection from outside elements, corrosion, wear, and rust. This is why it is important for you to choose a company that has a well-established reputation as you can ensure that your job will be done well.

As a value-added service for all of the systems and equipment offered, a good company will also offer training that is tailored to your operational and process requirements. These programs can be designed to adhere to predefined process steps and be in compliance with any applicable regulatory code. The best equipment and surface finish are only as good as the people working on it. With proper training, you will glean the full benefits from your systems and equipment.

Good finish
Before you hire a company, you should figure out how long they have been in business and if they have always focused on finishing. A good company will be well established with a huge number of references to show you to prove their worth. Their finishes will be done so professionally that they cannot compete with DIY or amateur work.

Fair pricing
One of the most important things to consider is the price of the project. Is the price budgeted/quoted the real cost of the entire job? Are there any hidden costs? A company with integrity will make sure you get a written down list of all the equipment and finishes you are purchasing along with its actual price. They will not surprise you with random hidden charges that have not been previously mentioned.

If you are looking for a paint finishing equipment and system supplier in Canada, reach out to us at Annadale Finishing Systems. With decades of experience, we are able to provide improved finish quality, reduced operating costs, increased productivity, enhanced application efficiencies, and an effective return on investment. Whether you require a custom engineered complete system, a finishing line component, upgrade, or retrofit to existing equipment, we would appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

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