Powder Paint Disposal Liner 60” x 500’

Author: Annadale Finishing Systems |


  1. Line the container completely allowing the excess to drape over the container (magnets can be used to hold the liner in place while being filled) Container size recommended - W 28” x L 78” x D 8”
  2. Fill the lined container with waste powder. Avoid getting waste powder between the steel container and liner. This will cause the liner not to release from the container.
  3. Once the container has reached half to three quarters full, (remove any magnets or tape that was used to hold the liner in place). Fold the excess portion of the liner onto itself and remove any air from the liner.
  4. Place the lined container into a convection oven and bake for 3 - 4 hours @ 350° - 400°F. - This is a starting recommendation - Time and temperature may vary to reach desired result. The goal is to gel not cure.
  5. Remove the container from the oven and let cool. Once cooled the PPD liner is ready for disposal.

The Powder Paint Disposal Liner is a safe and easy way to dispose of powder paint waste.

  • Powder Paint Disposal Liner
  • Powder Paint Disposal Liner
  • Powder Paint Disposal Liner


  • The PPD Liner can not be exposed to direct Infrared ovens. The I/R waves are too aggressive and will cause the bag to melt.
  • Do not use the PPD Liner on combustible materials like wood or cardboard. This is a fire hazard.
  • To gel the powder in the PPD Liner, use the normal set point of your oven. If the powder is not completely gelled, increase the time in the oven to reach the desired state.
  • For the handling recommendations for your specific powder paint, be sure to read and understand the safety data sheet (SDS) provided by your paint supplier.
  • The generation of waste should be avoided and or minimized wherever possible. Disposal of powder paint should at all times comply with the requirements of the environmental protection and waste disposal legislation and any regional local authority requirements.

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