Industrial Paint Sprayer

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Quality, brand name wet and powder coatings application tools such as; Graco, Parker Ionics, Binks, DeVilbiss, and Sata.

We offer a wide range of wet atomization options; conventional air spray, high volume low pressure, airless, air assisted airless.

Electrostatic guns to improve wet paint transfer efficiency decrease application time and save coatings costs.

Annadale offers complete packages, individual components, replacement parts as well as a comprehensive service and repair facility that our customers have come to rely on.

Pumping Equipment Cambridge

Our Powder equipment offering includes Parker Ionics "Pulse Power" technology that provides the industries highest first pass transfer efficiency. Pulse Power is the industry leader at overcoming inconsistent mil build with complicated parts due to Faraday.

We also offer replacement parts for all powder equipment.

All wet and powder spray guns are available in manual or automatic.

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